HS High Speed Bag Hanger

The Parsons-Eagle HS high speed bag hanger is a servo driven bag hanger and ideal for the high-speed hanging and filling of pre-made paper or plastic bags for a wide range of products including pet food, pet treats, rice, coffee, baking mixes, salty snacks, bakery and confections.

HS High Speed Bag Hanger Features:

  • Reliable high speed automatic picking, placing and filling of pre-made paper or plastic bags
  • Multi-axis servo driven picker arm actuation
  • Single, double or three hanger configurations
  • Stainless steel product contact surfaces
  • Simple integration with bag reforming and closing conveyors
  • Toppled bag detection systems
  • "No-Bag, No-Product" control
  • "Automatic Picker Recycle" control 
  • Self-contained vacuum system with digital vacuum sensing
  • Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Machine Speed:

  • Up to 50 bags per minute per lane

Machine Options:

  • Air assist bag inflation
  • Dust control systems
  • Various bag support designs
  • Tool-less product changeover
  • Sanitary frame design
  • Bottom bag tamper
  • Zipper opening module




Bag Styles


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